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These definitions were contributed by lots of people from the online community.
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Acetate - a clear plastic that can be stamped on or used as a window for shaker cards.  If you want to emboss on it make sure it is Thermo Acetate (overhead projector sheets made for laser printers work well).

Airbrush - tool with an air hose hooked up to a can of compressed air or a compessor. Color comes from markers or paints blown with air.

Astrobrite Paper - a brightly colored heavy stock paper.


Berol Prismacolors- very soft colored pencils ideal for use with rubber stamps. They can cover stamped lines, giving a hand drawn look. The soft lead makes them great for blending and shading. The largest set is 120 pencils.

Brayer- rubber stamp tool that has a rubber wheel on a handle used to make backgrounds and other techniques. It is like a paint roller with rubber. There are many techniques possible with brayers. (To see some brayed background techniques, look at this page)

Brush Markers - markers with a long tip for coloring directly on stamps or for coloring in images.


CAYA- a come as you are swap.  You sign up for the swap before knowing  the theme.  When the theme is announced, you're on your honor to use the  stamps that you had on hand when you signed up for the swap.

CL - Crystal Lacquer

ColorBox - a popular type of pigment pad that has a very wet ink so it is good for embossing. Their rainbow pads, paintbox pads, and petal point pads add a new look to your stamp art. Manufactured by Clearsnap in the US. 58 colors available in 280 varieties, including Cat's Eye and Option pads.

Corner Rounder - small trimmer that rounds corners of paper.

Corrugated - paper that is rippled or ribbed (goes up and down).

Corrugator - tool that ripples paper.

Crystal Lacquer - a liquid that comes in colored and clear - when it is dry it enhances images by creating a raised glossy surface.

CS (Email shorthand) - cardstock

Cushion - padded part of stamp between the die and handle.


Deckle Cutter- scissors that add a deckle look to paper. Deckle is the natural finish left by the frame on handmade paper. It shows off the paper fibers and looks nice when layered.

Die - cut rubber part of a stamp that is inked to make an impression.

Double Stick Tape- mounting tape that is foam-backed and sticky on both sides, which comes in squares or on a roll.

Dry Embossing OR Debossing: Getting a raised paper image or a recessed one by laying your paper on top of a stencil that is on a light source and using a stylus to trace the stencil.

Dye Based Ink- water based ink which is permanent on paper.


Embossing ink (AKA pigment ink) - wet ink used on a stamp pad and used with a rubber stamp and embossing powder.

Embossing Powder- sprinkles that melt when heated on a rubber stamp design.

EP (Email shorthand) - embossing powder


Fabrico Ink Pads - a multi-purpose craft ink perfect for stamping on wood, paper, shrink art and, of course,  fabric.  Must be heat set.

First Generation- the first stamp impression made after inking.  Succeeding impressions are second, third, etc. when made without re-inking.

Fiskars - lightweight brand of hobby scissors available in all sorts of cutting patterns.

Foils - colored foils that can be applied to cards using a glue.  The result is a shiny raised image.

Fun Flock - used to add fuzzy spots to your work.  Great for furry animals or fuzzy trees.  Just glue on or mix with embossing powder and emboss.


<GBG> - great big grin

<G> - Grin


Heat Gun - hobby tool that works like a hair dryer to melt embossing powder, but it gets very hot (up to 650 depending on the brand)

Heat Embossing - (see complete discussion on embossing here)

Huffing -
Q. One of my friends started stamping a few months ago and when we are talking stamps she refers to "huffing" stamps. Not wanting to appear dumb I don't say anything.  -- Sandra 2/04
A. What it means is when you breathe on a stamp to re-wet the ink with your breath. Imagine that you are trying to fog up a window so that you can write your name on it with your finger. It works great with dye ink but not with pigments. There, now you can impress her.  ;-)


Index - picture on the mount that shows the design of the stamp.



Kaleidacolor dye ink pads - each pad has a  raised rainbow spectrum of five color bands.  The pads are apart during storage and are slid together for use.

Kromecoat paper - thick glossy paper that really brings out color.

KWIM - Know what I mean?


LA - Liquid Applique

Liquid Applique - use to draw, write or add highlights to stamped images. After applying to paper heat immediately for a rough texture or wait overnight for a smoother puff look. Can be used on fabric or paper.

LOL - lots of laughs or laughing out loud


Magic Tape (AKA Miracle Tape or Super Tape) - is double sided sticky tape that can take the heat of embossing.  Just lay down strips of tape, cover with embossing powder, foil, gildenglitz, Beedz or other products and heat.

Mail Art- Anything sent through the mail, usually as part of an exchange

Masking- stamped images that seem to be behind one another, achieved by using a paper cutout of the stamp.

Mizuhiki Cords - delicate cords make gorgeous metallic trims.  They can be glued to the paper flat and side by side in various border designs or tied together for a bow.

Mounted stamp- traditional rubber stamp bought at the store in its finished form.

Mulberry paper- paper which has long fibers that create a feathered look when torn available in various textures, weights, and colors.




Paperclay - a clay that can be shaped and stamped on then air dried or baked to make earrings, pins, magnets, plant marker or wall hanging.

Paper Crimper
- a tool used to corrugate paper or card stock.

Pigment ink - a wet ink that takes embossing powder well.  Must be embossed on glossy coat paper or it will not dry.



RAK - Random Act of Kindness - for instance, sending a card or gift to someone for no reason. Sometimes they are sent anonymously. Another nice RAK is to pay the bridge toll for the car behind you, even though you don't know the owner.

Raffia - raffia fibers are a great alternative to ribbons and bows for a country look.

Rainbow pads - ink pads with three or more colors side by side for mulitcolor stamping.

Roller stamps - stamps on a wheel that let you make borders and wrapping paper. Some kinds have interchangeable pattern wheels and are self inking.

RR- Round Robin - all items are sent to the host/ess then are mailed out with a list of all participants.  The person will receive the package, go through it, pick out some stuff, send it on and it goes around like that.

ROTFL  - rolling on the floor laughing

RS (Email list subject line tag) - Rubber stamp related


SB (Email list subject line tag) - secret buddy swap

Shrink Plastic: Commercial grade plastic sheet you stamp on and color in, then pop into your oven, toaster-oven, or heat with your embossing tool to shrink your image/collage into a miniaturized version. Great for portability issues, pin making, etc. -- V. Helriegel

Sponging - adding texture to a surface with sponges of different porosity dipped in paints, inks, etc.

SSS (Email list subject line tag) - secret stamper swap or Secret Stamping Sister

Stippling - Using a big round brush, tap it into ink and tap onto paper.

Stylus - a stick with blunt rounded ends used to deboss paper. (Also known as a burnisher or a dry embossing tool)

SWAP- making cards, bookmarks, postcards, etc.  It is up to the hostess. Also a theme is picked out for the swap.   It is "correct" to send the hostess a card or small gift.


TAN (Email list subject line tag) - tangent (not RS related)

Thermo Acetate -a clear plastic that can be stamped on or used as a window for shaker cards.  Thermo acetate can take the heat of embossing.

TIA (email shorthand) - Thanks in advance

TOTW (Email list subject line tag) - topic of the week

TTPO- Torture the Post Office or Tickle the Post Office.  Sending unusual items through the mail unpackaged- like plastic soda bottles, a mini toilet plunger, etc.


Unmounted stamps - dies (the rubber part of a stamp) that have not been glued to a cushion and wood mount. See a great explanation of how to mount stamps here. It was written by Beth Wilts at Above the Mark (stamp manufacturer).

UTEE - Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (Suze Weinberg brand), equivalent to Amazing Glaze (JudiKins brand)


<VBG> - Email shorthand for 'very big grin'

Vellum - a lightweight transparent paper (real vellum is very different from what stampers call vellum -- real vellum is made from the skin of cows or other animals)



X-acto Knife- hobby tool with a #11 blade used to cut intricate designs.

Xyron: Cold laminate system vital to the stamper's preservation and presentation of rubber stamped works of art. -- V. Helriegel



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