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Are you interested in making books? Please visit the Volcano Arts website to learn about making books and to shop for kits.

If you have a scan of a book to contribute please email me.

Artist: Susan Davis

Note: Susan made this book from a scrap of leather. The text block (not visible) is installed using screw posts. Susan says it reminds her of overalls. It reminds me of a monk's girdle book.


Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This book is made from deer hide and is 17 3/4" X 5 3/4". It was done as a commission.

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This Coptic stitch book was made for an art exchange and sent to Janine Anderson in Australia. The covers are made of wood and painted with Lumiere paints and stamped using Crafter's Ink. The images are from Acey Deucy. Each page is cut to the shape of the wing also.


Artist: Sally Turlington

Stamp Credit: Tin Can Mail

Notes: The book covers are made from polymer clay. Sally stamped into the clay before baking using an un-inked rubber stamp. The binding is a 6-needle Coptic stitch.

Click image for larger view

Click photo for larger view

Artist: Christine Cox

I made this book for use as a day journal. The leather has a very heavy feel to it and each pair of signatures has a separate hole pattern (not visible in photo). The lion on the front is a miniature door knocker that I screwed into the leather.

Artist: MaVinci (aka Robin Pagliosotti)

Note: This is an accordion book. The top two pictures are the front and back and the bottom picture is the inside. The nude woman on the front and back is actually a cigar band type thing that slides over the book to keep it closed. Wonderful idea!

** Warning** This book contains tasteful nudes. Look at the larger pictures knowing full well that your head may explode if that type of thing offends you.

Front Back


Click here for a larger photo + a photo of the inside

Artist: Christine Cox

Stamp Credit: Above the Mark


Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credit: Stamp Francisco

Notes: The covers of the book are made from PaperClay and then stamped and embossed with clear powder. It was then painted with Radiant Pearls. The pages are also shaped like clam shells. The hinge was affixed with contact cement. The ribbon was added for stability and goes through the entire book.


Artist: Christine Cox

Stamp Credit: Stampland

Notes: This book has 3 - 8 page signatures. The cover is stamped and embossed on top and then painted with Radiant Pearls using a stipple brush. Artist's Gloss Medium is protecting the paper.


Artist: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: Stamp Francisco

Notes: This is a dual signature codex book. The cover was stamped and embossed and then painted with Radiant Pearls (paint) using a stipple brush.