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Miscellaneous Projects

Click on an image for a larger view If you'd like to contribute a scan of a piece of art to this page please email me.
Artist: Christine Cox 6/04

This is an image transfer that I did in Edith Tsacle's class at Altered Asylum Art Studio, which has since closed.

Artist: Christine Cox 1/04

Note: I made this collage after reading Claudine's Hellmuth's new book, Collage Discovery Workshop. Papyrus, ink, acrylics on watercolor paper. Stamp credit: Above the Mark, Size: 5" X 7"s

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This was made for an art exchange and sent to Michelle Port. The only requirement for the exchange was that the project involve a domino. This is a giant domino made of wood. The dimensions are 8" X 12". It was painted with black acrylic. There are tiny pictures of a "Gibson Girl" behind each brass keyhole. The 2 keys are also brass.

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This is a 22" eyeglass lanyard made of brass Celtic knot charms and tigers eye beads.

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This purse is made from elk leather that I died brown and is accented with a brass key.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5"

Stamp Credit: Stampington (Claudine Hellmuth Collection)

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: I made this purse for Jil Robertson for a Secret Sister swap. It's made of elk leather. The strap and fringe are made from braided fibers. It is also decorated with beads (spelling out Jil's name) and a brass key.

Dimensions: 7" x 5"

Stamp Credit: Acey Deucy

Artist: Donna Cartagena

Note: Donna made this doll for me in a Secret Sister swap. She is made from washi, charms and chopsticks.