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Jules, Vincent and Butch!

Why did we name our cats "Jules," "Vincent" and "Butch?" Those are the names of characters in "Pulp Fiction" (Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Bruce Willis).

Alabama and Clarence (both now deceased) were named for characters in our favorite movie, "True Romance" (Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater).

5/28/10 Cat update: everyone is just fine. Butch stays outside during the day and sleeps in the garage at night. Gene has finally been able to pick up Butch a few times. It took 1 1/2 years of endless snacks, warm Frisbees and food to get to that point. I'm thinking that in his past life, poor Butch was probably mistreated by a man.

Jules and Vincent are trying on their new personalities now that their big brother has "moved to Cancun." Vincent is now very aggressive about being my lap boy (yay!) and spends all his time there if I'm in my chair, otherwise he lies in his cushy bed between Momma and Papa's chairs. His autism seems to be getting better (he's 9 now) so he isn't as jumpy and will even be in the same room with strangers, as long as there isn't a lot of noise. He's still stubborn as hell!

Jules is a love bug, and his personality hasn't changed much. I think that winning the Butch War and losing his alpha cat have mellowed him out. He can afford to be magnanimous in his victory. I worry about his health because he weighs 20 pounds, but so far we're working under the theory that it would be more stressful to feed him twice a day than it's worth, but we (and our vet) are watching him carefully.



Alabama "Moosie" Worley Cox
Aug. 2000 - Nov. 17, 2009
Sweet friend
Heart of my heart

Where do you think we should go, my little turtle dove?


Cancun? Why Cancun?

It's got a nice ring to it. It sounds like a movie. Clarence and Alabama Go to Cancun. Don't you think?

In my movie, darling, you get top billing. Don't you worry about nothin', all right? It's all gonna work out for us. We deserve it.

-- True Romance

Brothers forever
(L-R) Alabama, Jules, Vincent

11/09 Butch has become such a love. He and I have worked through our trust issues (mostly) and now he loves me (and only me) to pick him up and hold him. He'd sit in my lap all day long if I'd let him. I make sure that I hold him every day to keep him acclimated to it.

He follows me around outside like a little dog. If he gets too far ahead he'll sit and wait, and if I get ahead and call him he'll run to catch up. It's very endearing. I wish it could have worked to have him in the house. For an outdoor kitty, he sure is spoiled. He's getting fat to prove it.

Butch in a brief peaceful moment. We've fattened him up nicely and his coat looks so much better than it did.

Alabama and Butch made an attempt at peace. It was brief though because Jules came over the back of the couch and the fight was on.

Butch, busted with his octopus (formerly Jules' octopus). That's his favorite toy and it moved outside with him. Of course now that he's outside, he thinks that lizards, mice and birds are toys. He's quite a little hunter.

3/09 Butch came to us back in November, '08. We had him neutered, got him his shots, had him checked out thoroughly and brought him into the house. Some tooth decay and a tick were his worst problems, other than malnutrition (someone had dropped him off and he was starving). He's about 6 or so, but he's been badly mishandled and therefore he feels that the best defense is a good offense. Who knew that he'd live up to his name so well! He's had to move back outside because the other cats were relentless and wouldn't leave him alone. He was "marking his territory" all over the house, including our bed. Ew!

He's just now starting to trust me; the giver of food, warm "Frisbees" and all things good. He's starting to vocalize when I approach him and the other day he (very tentatively and just for a couple of minutes) got up into my lap! We keep him as protected as we can up on the studio deck (we live in a rural area with lots of wild things around), and he loves nothing more than to lie on a towel with his face turned up to the sun. He's black on top, but very red underneath, and he's really sweet unless he feels cornered. I think that with lots of love and patience he'll be a little love bug.

Whoever gave him up was really unclear on how to care for cats. I suspect that he was someone's lap sweetie but something happened that forced his owners to feel they should dump him. If you have a cat that you cannot keep, please (in order of preference) find him a good home, give him to a no-kill shelter, put him in an established feral cat colony with the permission of the colony manager (spay/neuter, rabies and other shots, clipped ear). If you've run out of options, have him euthanized by a vet. House cats can't hunt for themselves and it's cruel to release them. Don't take them to an animal shelter where they could be gassed under horrible conditions. There's a reason it's free.

If you have pets, please spay or neuter them and get them their checkups and shots regularly. We've domesticated these animals to the point that they can no longer take care of themselves. It's our responsibility to care for them.

1/07 Jules has discovered that he just LOVES Christmas ribbon. We drape it all over him and then he'll just sit perfectly still for up to 15 minutes. After a while he just takes a walk and rubs up against furniture so that the ribbon will slip off. He also loves to sit with his octopus (upper left in photo) on his head. Silly kid! Our precious "runt" is now the heavyweight of the house at 17 pounds! He is also solid muscle.

Jules has turned into a very sweet and friendly kitty. He loves both Gene and I and all he has to do for loving is give either of us "the look" and let out a tiny, pitiful cry. We can't resist.

After reading up on the "breed," I think he must be a "Bombay" cat. He's heavy for his size, very friendly and incredibly smart. He looks exactly like a Bombay, right down to his big, round eyes.

1/3/07 I made a little movie of Vincent! Since he's VERY shy, this may be the only way to see him being so sweet. Click the heart with Vincent's silhouette at right to start the video. It may take a while to download, so please be patient (it takes about 2 minutes to download on my DSL line).

Every time I've played the video, Vincent has come running!

8/03 Ferocious Vincent has caught his tail! One day I heard all this scratching around on the chair and turned around to see Vincent chasing his tail. I can't believe the luck involved in getting this picture at exactly the right moment.

He weighs 12 whole pounds now! He's the lightest of our boyz but he's really tall and long boned.

Vincent is our 'special needs' child. He's very skittish and gets overwhelmed easily but he's so sweet. He's taken to following me around right at my feet and he looks up at me and walks ahead of me when he wants a snack. He is a total snack hound, which is good because he has the skinniest kitty butt I've ever seen!

Click the picture to check out a close-up of his ferocious face!


'Bama weighs 14 pounds now and is the heaviest of the boyz. He's mostly fur though.

8/03 I can't stand it! He's just so darned cute! That's Alabama sleeping on my art table, his favorite spot. He loves to sleep in box lids too.

Here's our 'Bama boy sleeping. That face was just too cute. I had to have a picture!

'Bama is the king of the house-hold but he's very benevolent. He absolutely adores me and follows me everywhere. He and I have a strong bond and communicate very well. He talks to me constantly (and bitches at me too), loves being brushed and now loves being held (for short periods). He even asks to be picked up!

7/03 Not to be outdone in the I'm-sure-cute-when I sleep department, just check out our Julie Boy. He's sleeping on my art table while I work. It's a rare but beautiful thing.

Jules, the former runt, is the now the power-lifter of the bunch. He walks like a muscle kitty and is really powerful and strong. He weighs 13 pounds. We used to call him 'runt.' I think he took it to heart and started pumping kitty iron.  He's definitely the smartest and most dexterous of the bunch. He's really good at catching things in mid-air and loves figuring out how things work. For such a curious guy he's just no trouble at all and rarely breaks things or knocks things over.

Jules loves Gene and follows him around. I'll do in a pinch but he loves for Gene to play with him and talk to him. He cries (pitifully) when Gene is behind a closed door.

Hi, I'm Alabama and my mom just brushed me. Aren't I beautiful? The sun is shining on me from the window and Mom can't help photographing me when I look my best. You should see how many photos she has of me that aren't on this site. It's a good thing they make computers with lots of hard drive space these days.

Well, I'm going to go take a nap now. Being brushed is my favorite thing but I purr so hard it wears me out.

12/26/01 The brothers are checking out their new bed from Aunt Diann and Uncle Don. Jules (blue collar), Vincent (pink/yellow collar and 'Bama (the gorgeous one). They love it!

12/26/01 Update:
The little brothers are getting harder to tell apart now. Vincent had an eye infection when we got him and now that it's all better his eyes are much bigger. That was an easy way to tell him from Jules. Now Jules is getting bigger (he's not a runt anymore) and his coat is a lot more shiny and black so they look very similar. They are not biological brothers and their personalities are completely different but their looks are close.

'Bama has decided that he likes them and he and Jules are quite close. I think that Jules thinks that 'Bama is "mom." I think that Vincent thinks that I am "mom." He loves to sit in my lap and roll around and purr while I pet and play with him. It's really quite adorable. He's very skittish and Jules is still our intrepid warrior. He isn't afraid of anything!

That's Jules on the left and Vincent on the right. This is their first day home (10-8-01). They are 9 weeks old and LOVE playing together.

'Bama is watching the new babies (from a safe, elevated distance). He is REALLY not sure about this.

Hi, I'm the most beautiful cat in the house and I know it!
I also weigh 13.5 pounds!

Jules, into everything on Mom's desk. He's a very curious guy.

Vincent is a natural! He is such a lap kitten. He loves nothing more that to be held and petted and kissed. He loves hugs.

40,000,000 soft things in the house and Jules chooses to sleep on the fax machine. Believe it or not he is a perpetual motion machine. He is either on or off. He loves sitting in our laps and being petted when HE'S ready.

Alabama observing Jules

Great profile shot of the babies. They usually sleep together in their bed but they are growing fast! Jules is in the front.

Vincent has small little eyes, short rounded ears and is jet black and soft. Jules (front) has longer, pointier features and is a lighter, almost charcoal brown color of black. Jules is also only about 2/3 the size of Vincent. One of his many nicknames is "Rat Boy." I think this photo says it all.
Clarence Worley Cox
Aug. 2000 - July 21, 2001
(Feline infectious peritonitis)
11 months on Earth
7 months in our lives
Forever in our hearts

Thank you, Dr. Beth

Dear Clarence on his last day.

Clarence and Alabama checking out one of their favorite places.

And look who else loves Clarence already! 

Alabama doing what he loves best, being close to humans without actually touching them

They love to play together!

Gene loves 'Bama too!

Clarence loves the teddy bear he got from Terri Roberts. It was his first toy!


Clarence's first bath (he thought it was great!)

Clarence on his first day home