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Paper Making
Preparing to blend ingredients

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Paper in the BlenderHere I have put a torn up sheet of white writing paper in the blender along with a cup or more of water and some pieces of a red envelope. I like my paper to be thin so I add a little less than a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper to begin.

This is the point where you add sizing. Sizing makes the paper less absorbent so that your inks won't smear when you are writing or stamping on it. If you are starting with purchased paper pulp you will need to add sizing. If you are starting with recycled paper you won't. Popular sizes are Perfect Paper Adhesive, Elmer's Glue, wax paper and commercial sizing.

You can either add your inclusions (flower petals, mica flakes, glitter, etc.) at this point or you can add them later while the pulp is in the mould.

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