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Click here for a general discussion about collage and some ideas for embellishments.

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This collage was done using magazine cut outs, a postcard (the woman's face) and a sheet of music. The background was painted with acrylics. All the shadows were added digitally after the piece was scanned.

Artist: Christine Cox

Note: This collage on canvas was made for an art exchange. It is 12" X 12" (but the whole thing wouldn't fit on my scanner bed). It was painted with acrylics, sprayed with webbing spray and watch parts were glued on using Diamond Glaze (which is one of my favorite dimensional glues).

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: JudiKins (Artists' Signatures), A Stamp in the Hand (Flowing Handwriting), Tin Can Mail (Leonardo's Writing)

Click picture for a larger view

phantom.jpg (44876 bytes)

Stamper: Christine Cox
Stamp credits: Rose from JudiKins, rose background from JudiKins

grandma.jpg (47930 bytes)

Stamper: Christine Cox
Stamp Credits: Couple from Toybox,  Paris cancellation and taxi border from Tin Can Mail, cycling family from Rubber Stampede, Cupid from Rubber Stampede, large background design from Magenta, small background design from Hero Arts

karen.jpg (26260 bytes) Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp credits: background triptych from Magenta, letters from Personal Stamp Exchange

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: Large stamp from Toybox, small moon from All Night Media.

Notes: The border on the right is a mosaic paper strip. You can't really see it in this scan but there are touches of metallic teal in the moon stamp (foil), on the big stamp (embossing powder) and in the mosaic strip (paper cord).

mosaic.jpg (27845 bytes)

kate.jpg (19405 bytes)

Stamper: Kate Hill (Iris)

Stamp credit: Magenta

Note: Notice the embellishment in the top, right corner. It is a sample of tea bag folding.

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp credits: Carmen's Veranda, JudiKins

The bottom left element is made with my version of the direct to paper technique. The top right element is made by putting various colors of embossing powder on embossable acetate sheets, heating and then cutting apart. There are also Beedz, gold flakes (for paper making), AIG (ultra fine glitter) and a rhinestone on the card.


thekiss.jpg (28222 bytes)

women.jpg (23621 bytes)

Stamper: Esther Sisler

Stamp credits: unknown

Notes: This card is about the exploitation of women

This collage is one of the finished products resulting from Jaimee's round robin.

The artists were: Bonnie "Lass" (owner), Jaimee, Christine and Sheryl D.

Notes: Some of the collage elements are real pansies, a little portfolio (dark blue, center, bottom)  with a poem printed on the pages inside, laminated sheets, mulberry, pine sprig, postage stamp, tea stained paper, rubber stamping, a feather, paper twist, beads.

bonnie1.jpg (26961 bytes)

smcollg.jpg (23155 bytes)

This collage was created by a team of fantastically creative and talented women. Thank you for viewing it (and thanks to the ladies who created it, Jaimee, Sheryl, me and Bonnie).

I like this collage so much that if you click on it, you can see an even bigger picture of it so that you can see the details.

Notes: Some of the collage elements are: embossed shelf liner, real pansies, fabric, pine sprig, laminated sheets, rubber art stamping painted with interference paint, beads, mulberry paper, paper twist, metallic rub-ons, mica chips (Perfect FX).

The small print: The card designs on this page are the property of their respective owners. Likewise, the stamp images are copyrighted (in most cases) by their legal owners. None of these images should be reproduced in any form without prior consent of their owners. I am not making money from this effort and I will always give credit where credit is due. If you have a copyrighted image on this page and want it removed, please email me at and I will be happy to comply. You may want to consider, however, that this is free advertising to a pre-qualified group of potential buyers. Conversely, if I missed giving credit to someone, email me so that I can correct my oversight.