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The Feel of Suede | 3-D Image

Stamper: Michele Pryor

Stamp Credits: Bear from PSX, paw print from ??

Notes: Michele stamped and embossed the teddy bear on exotic paper and then cut it out. He also has googly eyes and a Crystal Lacquer nose.

ccox.jpg (16341 bytes)
3-D Image

spirit.jpg (28342 bytes)
3-D Image

victoria shoe.jpg (16717 bytes)
The white part of the shoe is covered with a layer of Beedz for a great dimensional effect.
The card was made by Victoria Flaherty and the stamp is from Me and Carrie Lou

jeans.jpg (32739 bytes)
The Feel of Suede

Directions for The Feel of Suede

The best inks for stamping your image on paper that has been treated with this technique is either the Color Box crafters ink or Fabrico fabric inks. Both of these inks can be heat set. If you use permanent inks, they will never dry on the Liquid Applique.


Glossy Cardstock
Rubber Brayer
Liquid Applique
Heat Tool

On glossy cardstock, bray one or more colors of Liquid Applique. Spread evenly, however a somewhat mottled look is desirable for a more real suede appearance. Allow the Liquid Applique to dry for 10 minutes or more (this drying time is very important). Heat evenly with a heat tool. Allow to cool and then repeat this process.

Note: I like to use a color of LA mixed with white or a lighter color. This gives a more realistic suede appearance. It also makes the image stamped on top show up better as some of the LA colors can be very dark.

Directions for 3-D Image

I like to do this on a piece of glossy white cardstock that I've colored with dye ink (rainbow is good) with a brayer. Now, take an EvoTemplate (or a piece of wax paper) and smear Liquid Applique on it with an acrylic brayer. Cover the entire roller of the brayer with the LA. Run the brayer over a stamp (awesome on the Stampington Gate) and then stamp it onto the piece of cardstock. The LA will be a very thin layer. STOP! Clean your stamp and your brayer immediately. Let the cardstock sit for about 10 minutes or so. Now heat the LA until it puffs just a little. It feels like suede (old news -- an oxymoron) but just the image! It's very cool.

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